…for Gloria Kisch

Oct 13, 2019 –    Gloria Kisch

Oct 13, 2019 – Gloria Kisch

Oct 27th –    Jane Gifford

Oct 27th – Jane Gifford

Oct 13th, Nov 12th, Dec 12th —    Allison Halter

Oct 13th, Nov 12th, Dec 12th — Allison Halter

Our inaugural exhibition will center around the work of sculptor Gloria Kisch (1941–2014). It will be the first posthumous exhibition of her career, which spanned over 50 years

Two bodies of work by Kisch will be exhibited: Bells (2001) and Flowers (2007–13). The Bells are a series of mobile-like sculptures, some as high as 12 feet tall, that were completed in the early 2000s. The stainless-steel forms evoke religious totems, the vernacular of modernist sculptures, and the visual language of industrial manufacturing in equal measure. The relationship to the human body and scale is evident in formal attributes as well as performative aspect of the sculptures; each work includes a sonic component, hence the title of the series. With Flowers, Kisch rendered whimsical natural forms in both bare and colorful painted steel. Most are designed to be mounted on the wall, appearing like paintings growing out towards the viewer. The series were last shown in 2007, when Kisch’s metal flowers were exhibited alongside Dale Chihuly’s glass flowers at East Hampton’s Vered Gallery.

In addition to Gloria’s work, dieFirma has invited other makers to contribute to the exhibition, producing a dialogue between process and medium, past and present. 


October 13, 2019 – Gloria Kisch

October 27 – Jane Gifford

November 12 – Kiva Motnyk/Thompson Street Studio

October 13, November 12, and December 12 – Allison Halter