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32A Cooper Square is rich in history and architectural detail. Built in the early 1930s, it originally housed Hartz Mountain Pets, a company known for its signing canaries. Since then it has had many lives, primarily as various retails operations. It is adjacent to the iconic Village Voice building and shares a plaza with Grace Church School and Muji. It is situated prominently in the newly revived Bowery neighborhood, right between the revamped Cooper Union and the Standard East Village hotel.

The space itself is a unique “L” shape. We envision Gloria’s show to take over the rear portion of the space (see floorpan). A recent renovation of 32A Cooper Square has restored the building to its original glory. The ceilings are a soaring 14 feet. Walls are red brick. Trusses on the ceiling supply both incandescent and fluorescent lighting, as well as the HVAC, fire safety and other mechanical systems. The floors are concrete. Detailing, such as two niches indicated on the floor plan, have been resurfaced to their original stainless steel. The floorplan proposed (left) is our current working idea, however we are open to revisiting/revising it.